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Heartsaver® First Aid

Image of chest compressions on a manikin

First Aid training teaches participants how to handle an emergency scene until further help arrives. This course covers initial care for medical emergencies, injuries, and environmental emergencies. Student’s willlearn how to relieve someone who is choking to those who are expected to respond to emergencies in the workplace, without medical training (lay-rescuer).

Although the course may be used to teach First Aid to all lay-rescuers, it is specifically designed for those who are required to obtain a course completion card, documenting completion of a First Aid course for workplace or regulatory compliance.

Courses offered focusing on adult, child, and infant emergencies.

Heartsaver® First Aid Course Content:

  • Performing a scene and patient assessment 
  • Basic first aid skills for medical and environmental emergencies
  • First aid for injuries and bleeding
  • Addressing choking in both the conscious and unconscious individual

Heartsaver® CPR is designed for individuals who need to learn First Aid for either personal fulfillment or employment not involved with healthcare.  

Course Length: 4 hours

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