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Cheers to a Healthier You!

Cheers to a Healthier You!

Counting down the clock and celebrating the beginning of a New Year is a moment filled with promise and hope. Hope that the next year will bring  us what we were searching for, but couldn’t grasp the previous year. That hope is made tangible through resolutions.

The most common resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight, and improve mood/happiness – all of them working towards a healthier you. And most often, these resolutions are a struggle to maintain beyond January; possibly because becoming healthier isn’t an overnight process (duh right!) or the results aren’t obviously visible.

So let’s change those resolutions to something we can do: becoming healthier! Little changes lead to long-lasting improvements and 2019 can be the year for you to work towards lasting health.

Why Should A Healthier You Be Your Resolution?

According to the World Health Organization, people are dying earlier than previous generations from preventable diseases.  Deaths from cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases were the cause of 71% of all global deaths in 2016. These diseases are highly preventable through small, simple lifestyle changes!

Little oversights probably got us here – a few more sweets, super-sizing here or there, skipping exercise, binge watching T.V. – little negative changes over-time lead to big differences. But we can do undo it!

A healthier you as a resolution means making small positive changes over-time knowing they will lead to big differences.


Where Do I Start?

Lifestyle changes can be challenging because it’s a change in the norm and it is not as gratifying in the moment. Honestly, who can say they enjoy eating broccoli over ice cream?

Here are 5 tips to help you get started:

  1. Write out your goals – identify realistic short-term and long-term measurable goals
  2. Start with small changes: break your goals down into manageable steps and start with a little change, like switching soda for water.
  3. Change one thing at a time – changing too much at once is difficult to sustain. Focus on one small change or goal until it becomes a habit, then add a new one.
  4. Do it with a friend – adding someone to your journey will help keep you motivated and accountable. Pick someone who you can share your success and struggles with.
  5. Get support – accept help from those who care for you and seek outside help when needed, such as a trainer, a support group, or psychologist.  

Just remember, no one is perfect. Everyone mis-steps or lapses, so be kind to yourself. Goals give us something tangible to work towards, but remember your resolution – to be healthier! If you didn’t lose those 10lbs by your goal date, ate a brownie, or skipped the gym, you are still on track. You are making life changes that reduce your risk of preventable diseases.

Remember that – my goal is simply to be healthier!

You are not alone on this journey. Everyone is working towards heath. Health doesn’t happen by chance. Health is a choice made daily. Little changes add up to big differences!

Join us on Facebook this January 2019! We’ll be sharing ideas, recipes and  support to motivate you! Use the hashtag #SALhealthieryou to follow along! Little changes lead to long-lasting improvements – make 2019 the year for a healthier you!

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