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Save-A-Life’s CPR guidelines and first aid blog covers the many different facets of emergency medicine for lay rescuers, professionals, and workplace environments.

CPR saves lives. However, CPR and first aid are not always performed the same exact way in every situations for every person. Depending on where the emergency occurred and your level of training, the life saving measures you take will be different.


Noise pollution

Guest blog post by Stephanie Gutzmer, Au.D., E-RYT Nearly 25% of U.S. adults ages 20 to 69 years have some level of noise-induced hearing loss. However, in our modern world, exposing your ears to unsafe levels of noise may not Read more…

ergonomics word cloud

Simply put, the ergonomics definition is: The study of people at work, matching the right employee with the right task, with the hope of eliminating discomfort and risk of injury. The employee is the first priority, focusing on maintaining a Read more…

Man performing rescue breathing on CPR manikin

Whether you are performing CPR with rescue breathing or just hands-only, both are equally effective in saving a life. However, those who are medically trained may perform life saving measures with rescue breaths, especially in certain circumstances. What Is Rescue Read more…

image of first aid suplies

Accidents happen. Whether they are minor or major accidents, you may not always be in a position to ignore it. Choosing to be a bystander may make an unfortunate situation downright catastrophic. And wanting to help, but not having the Read more…

American Heart Association Authorized Training Center Seal

  Choose An AHA Authorized Training Center If you’ve ever asked anyone, “Should I learn CPR?” The answer is probably a resounding YES, because CPR saves lives. Anyone can, and should, learn CPR. If you are ready to get certified, Read more…

Exercise Without Effort

Sprinkles of movement throughout your day can be more beneficial that an hour of exercise! Learn how to get the benefits of exercise without all the effort.

Cheers to a Healthier You!

Counting down the clock and celebrating the beginning of a New Year is a moment filled with promise and hope. Hope that the next year will bring  us what we were searching for, but couldn’t grasp the previous year. That Read more…

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