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If you’ve ever asked anyone, “Should I learn CPR?” The answer is probably a resounding YES, because CPR saves lives. Anyone can, and should, learn CPR. If you are ready to get certified, you want to make sure you are properly taught. And if you’re a healthcare professional, an American Heart Association (AHA) authorized training facility might be a necessary.

600,000 Americans suffer a cardiac arrest (their heart suddenly stops) each year. And about 70% of these cardiac arrest occur at home! Feeling helpless when an emergency occurs can be sobering. Spending 2 hours learning how effectively administer CPR empowers you to save a life!


So why does an AHA authorized training center matter?

The first step to learning how to perform CPR is finding an organization to teach you. Searching for an American Heart Association (AHA) authorized training center near you is where you should begin.

An AHA authorization is far more than a seal of approval. It represents an organization’s conviction to provide quality CPR and AED training according to AHA’s high standards.


An AHA authorized training center is dedicated to ensuring all provided trainings are taught correctly, and that the training is always up to date.


Becoming an AHA Authorized Training Center

A training facility has the American Heart Association’s approval if:

  • The facility has taught quality AHA classes in each practice for which they’re seeking authorization as a training facility
  • Possess a minimum of $1 million in general liability insurance
  • Presented a clear business plan displaying their market analysis and goals to the AHA
  • A registered business in their home state
  • The training center coordinator has attended a detailed AHA orientation
  • Issuance of AHA eCards as verification of course completion
  • Have support of a hospital corporate officer, and a letter indicating that support
  • Continue to uphold AHA values and be in good standing with the them


Available AHA Certifications

The American Heart Association has a variety of courses and certifications available for healthcare providers and lay rescuers.  Learning CPR can be easy when tailored to your needs. Check out these available classes:

General community: Included in the category are family courses, classes for schools, and different techniques such as the “hands only” approach to CPR. These do not include a certification card.

Lay rescuers: Geared for those with little or no medical training who either need certification for their job, or simply want to know how to properly perform CPR. It includes CPR, AED, and First Aid training.

Healthcare Professional: This category has varying levels of certification dependent on profession and duties. It included Healthcare Provider, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).


Those who know CPR can increase the survival rate of victims by more than 40%! Each minute that treatment is delayed, the survival chances of the victim is reduced by 10%.  This means that those who know CPR can cause a great difference between life and death of a person.


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Owhor-Chuku Austeen

Good evening, I am Dr. Owhor-Chuku Austeen and I was recently appointed as secretary to a committee on the establishment of Nigerian Navy Reference Hospital OJO as a certified training centre for BLS and ACLS for the personnel of the Navy.
I would like to know the criteria for achieving this goal with the American Heart Association (AHA) and how soon can this be done.
Thank you and God bless you.


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